Compometal, Metallic Components Lda was founded in 1993 for the production in series of metal components for the automotive industry. Gradually with the acquisition of new machinery, it has a much broader production capacity, covering not only the production in series of metallic components, but also the production of structures for the various branches of industry (renewable energies , industrial machinery, civil construction, railway, furniture and decoration design, etc.).

The qualification of its staff, together with a deep knowledge of the sector of the cutting and manufacturing of components, subsector of the metal-mechanical industry, a great interest in the development of new technologies and ways of working and enormous creativity, has allowed the company to develop of new machines and work tools. These innovations have become very relevant to the continuous development of the company and to its commitment to the quality of products and services.

In a market where most of the price dictates the law, Compometal has been able to differentiate over quality over the years, having in 2012 obtained the certification in NP ISO 9001 and in 2018 in NP EN 1090- CE Marking.